Introducing Monty the Monkey

Introducing Monty the Monkey

Jacquie Xidis

A few weeks ago, you found out that roaming around Australia is the amazingly plush giraffe, George. George the Giraffe has a big group of fun friends, namely his best mate, Monty the Monkey, who is as boisterous and excitable as you think!

Your toddler might find it fun to know that one day, while jumping from tree branch to tree branch, Monty missed grabbing on to the nearest tree and ended up actually swinging all the way to Tasmania! After he picked himself up from the thump, Monty the Monkey ended up making friends with all the wonderful wildlife hiding in the tops of trees in some of Tasmania’s incredible forests!

It was here, deep in a forest, that Monty met Ellie the Elephant, who had gotten lost on her way trying to find Africa. Using Ellie as an incredibly bumpy sort of taxi, the two explorers made their way across the Bass Strait, back to their Sydney home. George the Giraffe was so excited to find that Monty had brought with him a friend, and the three became thick as thieves as they continued adventuring (they even convinced Ellie the Elephant to stay in Sydney for a while before she goes off towards Africa again!).

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