How You Can Use Social Media to Inspire

How You Can Use Social Media to Inspire

Jacquie Xidis
We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but Eotton recently launched a Pinterest page alongside our usual Instagram and Facebook game, and you can have a nosey at what we’re being inspired by here:

We’ve learnt a lot about social media as we endeavour to have Eotton in every Aussie home, but what we hadn’t considered was how social media can inspire the best of us, rather than leave us dreary with thoughts of comparisons to other people or else wasted time. Social is so much more than photos of perfect women with tiny waists and the perfect angel of a toddler on her hip. It’s a realm where, if you dig in the right places, inspiration abounds.

You may have noticed that we’ve recently changed the scope of our Instagram page. Have you seen our ocean pics or these gorgeous biscuits perfect for a baby shower? Inspiration is all around us, and it doesn’t have to be anything unattainable. If posting photos of your favourite beach motivates you for your Monday, then why not post it?

There’s this common misconception that, just because social media encourages a false and overly-perfect reality, it is something to be looked upon as negative. But Eotton’s philosophy is not perfection, but inspiration. Spreading positivity, good vibes and a photo to make someone smile is enough to justify it, even if no, we’re not lying back on a chaise lounge in our daughter’s well-lit nursery while she sleeps soundly beside us.

Inspiration is the flavour of the month, and we’re so excited to be jumping on that bandwagon. We recently read an article discussing social media user’s motivating and uplifting their audience on social media (find the article here).

This idea that we can craft social media as a positivity platform has completely shifted the perspective we have on social, and we hope it does the same for you. Ultimately, social media is such a diverse and comprehensive platform and we have the power to shape it as inspiring.