How to Introduce Organic/Natural Products into Your Baby's Routine

How to Introduce Organic/Natural Products into Your Baby's Routine

Jacquie Xidis

There can be no shadow of a doubt that Eotton is extremely proud to be 100% Oeko-Tex100 certified cotton throughout each and every product we offer – from booties to blankets, onesies and toys, your little one will be sure to be protected from the nasty chemicals of other fabrics by choosing Eotton. 

We are such firm believers in the benefits and brilliance of providing organic products to our babies that we feel that you shouldn’t stop there – we certainly aren’t! Here are some of our favourite natural products we recommend using for your baby and toddler to create a holistically natural environment:

Coconut Oil

No doubt you’ve been saturated with information on how wonderful coconut oil is for our skin, our health, our insides, but it’s difficult to sometimes make the connection between what’s good for us and what’s good for our babies. Coconut oil is brilliant for treating nappy rash, for moisturising our baby’s supple skin, and we’ve even read that it’s good for treating fungal infections! What a wonder product!

A Natural Sponge

Sea sponges are wonderful for soft skin such as your child’s, just be sure not to rub your baby too hard with the sponge, as the porousness of the sponge means that you really do only need a light rub to reap the benefits. A natural sponge is highly absorbent which allows for a more luxurious lather, again helping to generate a soft wash for your child’s sensitive skin.

Non-scented, organic shampoos and conditioners

There is no need to introduce more chemicals than your child will already be exposed to in their daily lives, and certainly not on something so close to their face. An organic shampoo and conditioner, such as the Australian organic brand, Sukin, is wonderful for your baby. 

Organic is an ethos, a lifestyle, a foundation. Enjoy an organic and natural upbringing for your child.